About Us


We know you like it short and snappy, so we're gonna hashtag it out for you:



As a parent, coming across stores which time and time again, only provide outdated children’s clothing was not only tiresome but downright irritating. We know how thirsty this coming generation of parents are for fashion and we’ve brought to life our clothing & accessories with just that in mind. 

Every item we design, from our hats down to our socks, is designed with a purpose. Comfort, durability, and innovative design are the backbone of our brand.  Although we have an insatiable flair for fashion, our designs remain minimalistic, here today and here to stay tomorrow. Which makes shopping with us not only enjoyable but logical too.    

You won’t find another brand that ticks all the boxes like we do, and most importantly, we tick them with style. 



The freshest looks Kult-ivated for the fashion obsessed. Kultkid doesn’t just offer the latest in kids fashion trends, we create them. Our aim is to keep your child’s wardrobe effortlessly on trend, without the hassle of shopping around. Inspired by celebs, catwalks and leading influencers, we're not just another outfit, we're a WHOLE MOOD! 



We care about humanity, Kultkid is all about creating and sharing positive vibrations. Our clothes are ethically sourced, we ensure the people working in the factories, behind the scenes, are paid a living wage, work in fair conditions and are child labour free. 

We're also conscious about how our clothes feel and wear. That's why we ensure our clothes wash like a dream and are soft to touch, perfect for your kid's skin and wellbeing. Created for comfort and crafted to last, no matter how many times you wash these bad boys, they will look and feel amazing. That's why our kids love wearing our clothing and never want to take them off. 



Not only are our clothes oversized for that boujee fit, they are designed to last. That means your little ones can wear them for longer and keep growing into them.



Whether its going on a play date, off to school, travelling or shopping, we have you covered. Our clothes are comfortable, fashionable and are sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd. Our fits soon become your go-to no matter the occasion. 



Far from basic. Our clothing is always premium quality with a price tag that doesn't burn a whole in your pocket. Which means you get more for your money but QUALITY IS NEVER COMPROMISED. 



Raising strong, independent and confident children is at the heart of our brand and thats why parents choose our fierce clothing to match their kids fierce personalities.



From the choice of our colour palette, down to our models, inclusivity is at the heart of our brand. Period. Kultkid is for EVERY KID and represents EVERY KID! 



We want to share those positive vibrations across the globe and thats why 5% of our profit is donated towards providing food to impoverished children and their families. After all, if we can spread that love across communities that are far less fortunate than our own, we can create a brighter future for our kids. That means every time your little one wears Kultkid, you're teaching them to support a cause far bigger than themselves. 


Remember they may be little, but they are fierce. How you choose to clothe your little one shapes their identity. 


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