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How to become a child influencer on Instagram featuring Lovemalaha

November 19, 2019 0 Comments

Welcome to the world of Instagram, where every like, follow, and unfollow could be the difference between your child securing  a collaboration with a top brand or your account stagnating into the abyss.

We’ve heard about adults securing collaborations in exchange for clothes, merchandise and (if you can really make a name for yourself) payment, but what about kids?

What is this industry? How does it work? How can I get my child involved? These are just some of the questions that we get bombarded with daily from aspiring young influencers, but what is it that we look for in our influencers before we agree to collaborate.

1. Following

Whilst it comes across as a no brainer, it’s surprising how many accounts approach us with a very small following. Yes - there is such a thing as a micro influencer (an account that may only have a few thousand followers or less), but these accounts are few and far between and they usually compensate a lack of following with high quality images that stand out from the crowd.

You will therefore need to build your following before approaching brands and living out your dream job.

2. High quality camera and technical equipment

It really is important to invest in some decent camera equipment. Whilst not every influencer uses a professional camera - a lot of influencers do. Brands want to make their clothing/ merchandise look the best they possibly can. What’s the use of promoting a product if your audience can’t even see what your wearing through the blur of your outdated camera phone!

Nowadays, it is possible to use the latest iPhone and Samsung phones to take Instagram pictures but downloading and using a decent editing app is essential.

The important thing to take from this particular point is that you really need to spend your time ensuring your Instagram pictures look good. If you can’t afford a new cam then maybe start out investing in a ring light and take a look at some aesthetically pleasing locations to shoot. It all starts from taking that first step forward.

3. Grid layout and theme

Like we’ve already mentioned above, your grid needs to stand out. What is it about your account that makes people want to follow you? Is your child the latest fashionista? Are you all about that mum life? If so, make your grid testimony to what you want people to feel you stand for. There are lots of apps that can help you with your grid layout- try a simple app like Planoly. Keep your grid consistent and make sure you post regularly.

4. Network and Engage

Have you already seen some accounts that you aspire to be like? Reach out and engage. Like the real world, how will anyone recognise or converse with you if they don’t know you exist. The more you comment, like, and share content with other influencers, brands and shoutout accounts (an account that promotes people and brands within your genre) the more recognition you will get in return. There are lots of different ways to grow your following but this particular point is a must for any account- no matter how big or small.

So let’s wrap this up, if you’re serious about getting your child involved in influencing, it will involve a lot of time, energy and commitment. Not to mention, that you will have to invest money to ensure your account looks up to scratch. It’s as strenuous as having a full time job and it’s not for the faint hearted. Think trying to take decent pictures of your child when all they want to do is stick gummy bears on the wall.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, then listen to the words of Alissa N. mother of our latest brand rep winner & social media influencer Malaha (account otherwise known as lovemalaha).


Kultkid- So tell us, where did it all begin? When did you decide that you wanted Malaha to become an influencer?

Lovemalaha- Honestly, her being an influencer wasn’t my intention in the beginning. I made an Instagram account for her and started posting photos, until I noticed what photos would do really well vs which ones wouldn’t. Once I started realizing that baby influencers was really a big thing, I figured why not try it who doesn’t love free stuff!

Kultkid- Totally, so what steps did you take to get noticed?

Lovemalaha- First and foremost, I started following some popular clothing boutiques and ordered from a bunch of them. My goal was to wear clothes and tag them and they would (hopefully) repost and tag Malaha on their page. I also started networking and following a lot of similar pages and big promo pages. I also invested in some lighting once I started learning what photo quality is necessary for an attractive Instagram post.

Kultkid- Sounds like you had to put in a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it! Where has your journey taken you so far?

Lovemalaha- It’s been a blessing. We get a ton of free stuff. And now that we are bigger we get a lot of paid work. Which is great because I get to stay home with Malaha.

Kultkid- Aw, thats really awesome! Okay, so this next question is just for fun! Who’s the most interesting celeb that’s engaged with your account so far?

Lovemalaha- We’ve had a few! But our biggest was when Cardi B reposted Malaha on her story! I almost had a heart attack!

Kultkid- Wow, that’s pretty impressive. So with all that in mind, what are your plans for Malahas account in the future?

Lovemalaha - Continue growth. We also plan on expanding to YouTube. I also started offering coaching services to helping others build their Instagram pages.


Well there it is. A whole heap of advice to help build your account, and if you want to delve in deeper, get in contact with @lovemalaha for professional Instagram coaching.

Don’t forget our brand rep search will be starting again in December! Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Instagram, twitter and facebook, to be the first to hear about the latest happenings at Kultkid.

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